BTL Emsculpt

BTL Emsculpt

BTL Emsculpt services offered in Arlington, TX

You can whittle away nagging fat and build muscle mass at the same time, and you can do it without invasive procedures or hours at the gym when you use Emsculpt® by BTL Industries, Inc. At the Institute for Hormonal Balance in Arlington, Texas, the caring team provides holistic care, including noninvasive body sculpting using Emsculpt, the first (and only) device that permanently eliminates fat and builds muscle at the same time. Call the nearest office or use online booking to request a consultation and learn if Emsculpt is right for you.

BTL Emsculpt Q&A

How does BTL Emsculpt work?

The BTL Emsculpt is the first device to combine radiofrequency (RF) energy with high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM+). Using the two together gives the BTL Emsculpt device the ability to simultaneously reduce fat and build muscles, sculpting your body in a way you could never achieve even with hours spent exercising at the gym.

An applicator placed on your body sends RF and electromagnetic energy into the targeted area. The RF energy heats fat cells to the specific temperature needed to break them down. Your body gradually removes the cellular waste, removing the fat for good.

HIFEM+ uses painless and harmless electromagnetic stimulation to make your muscles contract. This energy causes thousands of muscle contractions during your 30-minute session. 

The contractions are also more intense than you could achieve with your usual exercise. As a result, your muscle mass steadily increases.

What problem areas can BTL Emsculpt treat?

BTL Emsculpt treats your abdomen, arms, buttocks, thighs, and calves. Though the device produces great results, building muscles by 25% and reducing fat by 30% on average, it’s not intended for people with a substantial amount of weight to lose.

BTL Emsculpt works best when you’re almost at your healthy weight but still have areas of fat that haven’t improved. You can also use Emsculpt just to tone your muscles, even if you don’t have excess fat.

What should I expect during a BTL Emsculpt session?

Your BTL Emsculpt session lasts 30 minutes. You only need to get comfortable on the treatment table, then your provider places the applicators over the targeted area, and you relax while your muscles contract and fat melts away.

You’ll feel the warmth of the RF energy and the muscle contractions, but your session shouldn’t cause discomfort.

Most people need at least four sessions scheduled a few days apart. However, your provider can give you an individualized estimate during your first consultation.

Even though you’ll notice some changes after each session, achieving optimal results takes about a month or longer after your final Emsculpt treatment.

Ready to sculpt your body? Call the Institute for Hormonal Balance or request an appointment online to start your BTL Emsculpt journey.