Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal services offered in Arlington, TX

Everyone who shaves, waxes, and plucks eventually reaches the point where they just can’t stand their repetitive hair removal routine. If you’re ready to reclaim your time, you need to learn about laser hair removal performed by the experienced aesthetic team at the Institute for Hormonal Balance in Arlington and Prosper, Texas. The team uses the Elite iQ™ platform by Cynosure® to safely and permanently remove hair from anywhere on your body. Call the nearest office or book online today to start your treatment and gain a beautiful hair-free body.

Laser Hair Removal Q&A

How do lasers safely remove hair?

Today’s cutting-edge lasers, like the Elite iQ™ used by the experienced team at the Institute for Hormonal Balance, can safely eliminate hair without harming your skin. 

The laser uses a wavelength that’s only absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle. The heat destroys the follicle without affecting the surrounding tissues as the pigment takes in the laser’s light.

How does the Elite iQ improve laser hair removal?

The Elite iQ has specialized technology that makes it safer than other lasers. It’s equipped with the Skintel® Melanin Reader™ — the world’s first melanin reader. This technology looks beneath your skin, allowing your provider to accurately identify your skin type and personalize your treatment.

As a result, the Elite iQ is safe for all skin types. And the team can permanently remove hair from virtually any body area.

Why do I need several laser hair removal sessions?

One session won’t treat all the hair you want removed because the laser can only destroy the follicle when it’s in a growth phase.

All hair follicles go through a long growth phase, then enter a short resting phase. While the follicle rests, its existing hair falls out. Then the follicle comes back to life and starts a new growth cycle.

An estimated 10% -15% of your follicles are dormant on any given day. And each one reenters the growth cycle at varying times.

You’ll need to schedule three to six laser hair removal sessions spaced about a month or two apart to catch all the hairs in their growth phase.

What should I expect during each laser hair removal session?

Each session takes 5-60 minutes, depending on the body area. For example, your provider can do your upper lip in five minutes, but treating your back or legs may take an hour.

The Elite iQ laser is nearly painless, but each person’s sensitivity varies. Some patients say their laser treatment causes a tingling feeling; others describe it as a snapping rubber band. You can use a topical numbing cream if needed to stay comfortable.

Most people have red, slightly irritated skin after laser treatment, but it goes away quickly. You can return to your usual daily activities, but keep the treated area out of sunlight.

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