Nutraceutical/Supplement Management

Nutraceutical/Supplement Management

Nutraceutical/Supplement Management services offered in Arlington and Prosper, TX

The Institute for Hormonal Balance in Arlington and Prosper, Texas, has its own line of nutraceuticals and supplements designed to boost health and well-being. The team offers nutraceutical and supplement management so you get products that produce results. Do you have difficulty finding a supplement that can boost your health? Call the Institute for Hormonal Balance today or book a nutraceutical and supplement management appointment online.

Nutraceutical/Supplement Management Q&A

What are nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals are nutritional supplements that contain various nutrients that benefit your health. The purpose of nutraceuticals is to promote health and prevent disease. 

Though you can find nutritional supplements in many stores, you may have difficulty figuring out what products can best help you. What you may not know is that over-the-counter (OTC) supplements may contain toxic ingredients or may not contain the nutrients listed on the label.

The Institute for Hormonal Balance team understands your frustration and offers nutraceutical and supplement management, providing you with the exact nutrients your body needs to thrive.  

What are the benefits of nutraceutical and supplement management?

Nutraceutical and supplement management at Institute for Hormonal Balance offers many benefits. First, the team talks to you about supplementation and the available supplements. 

They explain how supplements work and the types of testing they look for when selecting nutraceuticals to recommend to patients. 

For your convenience, the Institute for Hormonal Balance has its own high-quality, private-label nutraceutical supplements that contain pharmacy-grade ingredients. These supplements are only available for patients and customized to match individual needs. 

What can I expect from nutraceutical and supplement management?

The team at Institute for Hormonal Balance customizes your nutraceutical and supplement management plan after they complete a thorough history, physical, and comprehensive lab testing. The goal of your supplement plan is to improve your hormone treatments.

Institute for Hormonal Balance offers many nutraceutical blends, but the team starts patients on one of their IHB Core supplements: IHB Core D3+K2 and IHB Core D3+K2 Max. These supplements contain essential nutrients that support bone and heart health. 

The bioidentical hormone specialists may suggest other supplements to complement your IHB Core based on your health needs and goals. The team offers specific nutraceutical supplements that help with joint pain, stress, and hormone balance.

The team schedules regular follow-up visits to monitor health and well-being and adjust your plan as needed so you get the best results.

Your nutraceutical and supplement plan from Institute for Hormonal Balance helps you feel better. Call the office today or schedule an appointment using the online booking tool.