Well-Woman Exams

Well-Woman Exams

Well-Woman Exams services offered in Arlington, TX

Whether you’re a full-time mom or a full-time executive, it’s important that you take care of your health. The team at the Institute for Hormonal Balance in Arlington, Texas, performs comprehensive, patient-centered well-woman exams. The team considers your health their top priority and provides all the support and guidance you need to keep your health in excellent condition. Call today or schedule an appointment online. 

Well-Woman Exams Q&A

Why do I need a well-woman exam?

You need a well-woman exam because it’s the best thing you can do to protect your health. It’s a preventive exam that looks for health issues before you have symptoms. Finding health conditions early may prevent or delay a disease and its complications.

Well-woman exams also allow you to see how your health changes over time. This may help you see how your lifestyle helps or hinders your health. 

Institute for Hormonal Balance has been taking care of women’s health since 1985 and is one of the area's top women’s health clinics. 

Should I schedule a well-woman exam every year?

You should have a well-woman exam once a year. This exam covers more than your annual physical. It focuses on your reproductive health as well as your overall health. 

Annual exams not only allow you to stay on top of your health and wellness, but it also gives you a chance to establish a trusting relationship with your provider. 

The Institute for Hormonal Balance team specializes in women’s health and can diagnose and treat any health issue you face. 

I’m nervous. What happens during a well-woman exam?

The team at the Institute for Hormonal Balance understands the nervousness you feel about your well-woman exam. Before the physical part of your exam, your provider spends time talking to you. 

They review any questions and concerns you have and ask detailed questions about your medical, gynecological, and family history. The information your provider gathers during this part of your exam helps them determine what type of lab tests they need to further assess your health.

The Institute for Hormonal Balance has in-house lab testing and does genetic screenings for hereditary cancer, Alcat allergy testing, and Genova stool testing. The bioidentical hormone specialists may also order hormone testing.

Your provider then completes a physical, breast, and pelvic exam. They also check your skin, neck, and thyroid gland. 

The team spends time talking to you about their findings and the types of testing you need. The Institute for Hormonal Balance tries to address all of your concerns in-house but may refer you to a specialist when necessary.

The Institute for Hormonal Balance provides comprehensive, individualized well-woman exams. Call today or schedule your annual physical online.